Need a little more room?  While there is a great return on investment when renovating an existing property, at times there is a substantial need for expansion. Nate and his team bring skill and attention to building an addition; ensuring that your added space increases functionality within your home while simultaneously increasing the value of your property.

A new home addition makes room for endless possibilities: an upgraded Master bedroom and bath, an enhanced home office that promotes efficiency, or perhaps a new game room for an active family. Building an addition is not only an investment in your property, it is an investment in your life.

A Worthwhile Investment

Building an addition not only creates more living space, it can also increase the property value. Back Bay Builders helps design and create additions that maintains the style and character of the current home, ensuring the new layout flows seamlessly.

Nate and his team work skillfully to build a new addition that fits seamlessly with the existing home, ensuring homeowners receive the greatest possible return on investment.