Bathrooms are no longer just for business. Your bathroom is a space to retreat after a long day for some peace and quiet with new spa-quality amenities—the place to help start your day refreshed and organized with carefully installed storage solutions.

Your bathroom is one the most high-traffic rooms in your home. Therefore, it is an important investment in your property and in your life. Back Bay Builders designs and renovates bathrooms with comfort and functionality as a top priority.

Yes! Our team includes top-notch plumbers that are dependable and experienced.

Yes! This can be a life-changer, and is a huge selling point: adding another bathroom increases the value of your home more than any other renovation or addition.

Yes! We love helping create ambiance in all rooms of the home—especially bathrooms. This is the kind of work Back Bay Builders’ really appreciates. Nothing makes you (and us) stand-out more than a well-done, custom bathroom scheme.

Make the Most of Your Space

There are numerous ways to increase comfort and efficiency when remodeling a bathroom, from upgrading fixtures that reduce water consumption, to installing heating and venting options that keep moisture low and reduce energy costs.

From selecting new hardware to laying the final tile, Back Bay Builders carefully develops an action plan so that you and your family get the most out of your remodel.

A bathroom remodel is a worthwhile investment in your property. Back Bay Builders has the tools to help make the most of your most important rooms, optimizing style and comfort while increasing efficiency and value.