Decks & Patios

Summer in Maine is beautiful but temporary, so it is important to enjoy it to the fullest while the season lasts. Back Bay Builders will help decide whether a deck or patio is right for a home, and ensure the new space will fit seamlessly with the existing property.

Winter weather can take a toll on decks and patios. Water stains and decay that cannot be easily remedied oftentimes mean it is time to call in a professional fix or replace the current structure.

Year-Round Protection

Nate and his team work together with property owners to design and build a deck or patio that provides both functionality and comfort to a home. As important as it is to create an outdoor living space that is enjoyable, easy maintenance and durability through New England’s changing seasons is a top priority. The years of experience Back Bay Builders offers ensures your outdoor space will be protected, no matter the weather or the season.

Whether building a new deck or patio or freshening up an existing outdoor space, Back Bay Builders brings indoor living to the outdoors.