Doors & Windows

The decision to replace old with new is not always a clear choice when replacing doors and windows in an older home. Oftentimes buildings in the Greater Portland area have historic significance. When it comes to renovating an older structure, it is important to maintain the original character while incorporating solutions to enhance energy efficiency and functionality.

Adding and replacing doors and windows adds year-round value and beauty to a home. A set of sliding doors to a patio or a window over the kitchen sink will greatly increase the appeal of any home. Back Bay Builders will help select and install the right door or window for optimal functionality and cost.


Choosing to replace or restore old windows enhance a home’s beauty, reduce energy costs, increase comfort and safety, and promote peace and quiet.

An energy efficient window will keep your space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Damage-causing water penetrates through window gaps after high winds and extreme weather conditions, causing interior damage and cracking. Back Bay Builders has the knowledge and experience to select and install a wide variety of windows for your home.


Doors are one of the first things noticed when looking at a building. They have the ability to enhance the look and feel of a home both inside and out. Replacing old, drafty doors can increase a home or building’s energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Whether replacing or adding doors to a home for aesthetic reasons or to save on energy costs, Back Bay Builders has the experience and the connections to get the job done!

It is important to maximize the investment of new windows and doors. Even the most high-end products won’t provide the aesthetics, comfort, or savings if they are not properly installed. Back Bay Builders has a team of skilled tradesmen with the experience to ensure proper installment.