Based in the historic city of Portland, Maine, Back Bay Builders has the opportunity to work on some of the oldest buildings in the area. Nate and his hand-selected crew have managed projects throughout the Greater Portland area, restoring several buildings with classic character and architecture. Our team is familiar with what it takes to restore these historic buildings—everything from managing the permit process to finding the perfect century-old trim profile.

There are many specific pieces to safely conducting a restoration, including appropriately dealing with environmental hazards. Lead and asbestos are common environmental hazards in older New England structures, and it is important to consult builders who know how to handle a restoration project properly, with safety as a top priority.

Keeping History Alive

Restoring a building or home means returning the characteristics back to the time-periods original structure. However, making alterations to a home without the proper tools or experience can be destructive for historically significant features and materials. Back Bay Builders is experienced in creating functionality within a home for contemporary living, while preserving historic architecture.

When restoring a home, having an action plan is important. Back Bay Builders brings the skill set, organization, and the aptitude to bring ideas to reality.